I have had the opportunity to attend a number of events hosted by the Camrose Rural Alberta Business Centre. The speakers bring with them, great experience, practical knowledge, and information that has encouraged me to make the changes in my business that not only improve, but continually grow my organization. RABC speakers have shown ways to improve staff attraction and retention, customer satisfaction, and business image and marketing. I have bought the literature that these speakers have offered, so have enjoyed revisiting the ideas they shared. Our business has certainly improved due largely to these educational events. Cheers to RABC, and cheers to you Louise!

Marilyn O’Brien

Owner, O’Brien Collision Center

I was struggling to write a business plan and where to start on my business idea. I reached out to Louise at RABC and she has been everything I needed and more. Her tireless input and ideas have been what I needed to turn this idea into a reality.

Jordana Tigchelaar

Enjoylife Massage

The Camrose RABC has been a wonderful opportunity to meet with other Rural Home based business owners to discuss, share and solve challenges. They have been very helpful offering workshops, information and connections within and outside the community to assist with furthering business success. Meeting others, having the resources and know how available has made a huge success in Connecting in Spirit. “Invisible threads are the strongest ties…”

Trena Anderson

Connecting in Spirit

The Business Plan Bootcamp was an amazing experience for our business, FuriousEdits. As young entrepreneurs Kahnen and I were able to move our business ahead in an orderly fashion because of the business plan. During the course we learned so many amazing new techniques and ways to improve our business. This Bootcamp also opened our eyes to the full extent of running our own business; there are fees to pay, laws to follow that we were not aware about before. The business plan we created has helped us schedule what we should be doing with our time and we still use it all the time to this day! The Business Plan Bootcamp is a great way to get your name in the community and learn so much to help your business. The money it costs to go into the Bootcamp is minimal compared to the experience that we came out with.

Nathan Norbert


The Business Plan BootCamp was a very rewarding experience. I found doing a business plan on my own overwhelming and I was not sure where to start. This process was helpful in that it broke the business plan down into segments. Each class had experts in that field who gave you the tools to prepare that portion of the plan, and at the following session you could ask questions and get input if you needed it. Also very helpful was the support of Louise and the other organizers to find the data required to have real numbers. For me this was tremendously helpful as I actually understood why we needed those numbers and how it would help me in the future. The final session, presenting my business plan before a panel, provided feedback and answered any questions I had. They helped me with the direction I should pursue, marketing and how to make myself unique. If you have the opportunity to take this BootCamp, DO! You will use it to shape your business into a very successful business. I am very glad that I took the time to develop a business plan that has helped me out every day.

Vicki East

Ebb and Flow Healing Therapy

I believe the Business Plan BootCamp program is integral to the community of Camrose and the province of Alberta on a whole. I am impressed with the level of education and vital connections and skills I have attained from this program. I am a lot more confident in presenting and writing a business plan. I feel that my involvement in this program have opened many channels of conversation, and contacts for future business and provided vital information to build on my skills that are relevant to my work and building of our company.

Sharon Dorival

The BootCamp program was such a great way to learn about business plans, make connections, get encouragement, ask questions, get feedback, and step out of my comfort zone. The panel experience was awesome and helped me put my passion and business ideas all together. Louise has just been so helpful and full of ideas, offering suggestions and opportunities for growth. Everyone starting a business or re-assessing a business could benefit from this BootCamp. Great opportunity, thank you.

Patricia Zeniuk

Twists and More

Having never done a Business model before this workshop & Louise helped me fill in a lot of blanks and to stay focused on what I am passionate about. The feedback from the panel was the icing on the cake!

Evalynn Ross

Dinner Deva

I highly recommend RABC for all new businesses starting out. It has been a great opportunity and experience for starting my journey doing Semi Permanent Makeup. I truly appreciate Louise and her team for having this exist. The ongoing support and the preparation it to build a business plan for the panel has expanded my horizon tremendously.

Brenda Swanson

Ageless Beauty Semi Permanent Makeup Clinic

These classes were perfect. They increased my knowledge and guided me in a more confident direction. RABC is very resourceful, valued for their quality and incredible advice.

Lucy Nguyn

Without the business plan BootCamp I would still feel overwhelmed and under supported. This BootCamp has encouraged me to go for it. And I would not change that for anything.

Emma Irwin

Candi Crazi